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White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure

White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure

    • White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure
    • White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure
    • White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure
    • White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure
  • White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA SHANDONG
    Brand Name: DAVID STONE
    Certification: white sandstone
    Model Number: ST-009 white sandstone

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1*20'FCL
    Price: Negotiated
    Packaging Details: 13-15 crates / 1*20'FCL Ordinary loading 22 tons
    Delivery Time: Within 2 weeks after deposit
    Supply Ability: 100tons/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Density: 2.68 G/cm3 Water Absorption: <3.39%
    Flexural Strength: >15Mpa Radioactivity: Class A
    Color: White Sandstone Characteristic: Without Light Pollution


    China supplier white sandstone stone tile skirting line paver etc


    Three major areas of sandstone in China

    Formed by quartz particles (sand), the structure is stable, usually pale brown or red, and mainly contains silicon, calcium, clay and iron oxide. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock which is mainly cemented by sand grains, and the content of sand grains is more than 50%. Most of the sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar.

    Main ingredients:

    More than 52% quartz component

    Clay is about 15%;

    About 18% of goethite;

    More than 10% of the other substances.


    Australian sandstone, India sandstone, Spanish sandstone and Chinese sandstone have been exploited in the world. As one of the four largest sandstone producing areas in the world, China has extremely rich sandstone mineral resources. Because of the vast territory of China and the complex geological environment, there are many varieties of Chinese sandstones, but there are more than 100 minerals in Sichuan province. Although China's sandstone varieties are very large but mainly concentrated in Sichuan, Yunnan and Shandong, this is the three largest sandstone production area in China, while Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hebei, Hebei, Hebei, etc. also have low reputation and less influence.


    1. Sichuan sandstone

    Sichuan sandstone belongs to argillaceous sandstone, with fine grain and soft texture. It is very suitable for building decoration materials, especially for carving stones. Moreover, because of the complicated geological and geological conditions in Sichuan, there are many kinds of sandstone in Sichuan. Sichuan sandstone color can be said to be the richest in China, with red, green, gray, white, black, purple, yellow, blue, and so on, very much. But because of its relatively soft material and inconvenient transportation, the mining method of mining area is also relatively backward, so the basic supply of Sichuan sandstone is strip, which can not provide more than 1m. However, if the quantity is small, the mining area may use the way of circular saw turning, and a small quantity is supplied, but the price is more expensive due to the high breakage rate. But there is a sandstone in Sichuan, which is called hardness, which is comparable to granite. Some sandstone materials are hard and can be processed by fire.


    2 Yunnan sandstone

    Yunnan sandstone is the same as Sichuan sandstone, belonging to argillaceous sandstone, with fine granules and soft texture. But because of the different geological and geographical environment, Yunnan sandstone is more beautiful than Sichuan sandstone, with its own style and style, and the color of Yunnan sandstone is very rich. There are yellow wood grain sandstone, landscape pattern sandstone, red sandstone, yellow sandstone, white sandstone and green sandstone. Because of the early start of Yunnan sandstone industry, the mining and processing technology is relatively high, can supply more than 1m of the large plate, but because of the soft texture of mudstone, the application will be limited, generally also with the specification plate.


    3 Shandong sandstone

    Shandong sandstone belongs to sand rock structure, relatively coarse particles, the hardness is relatively large, but relatively brittle. Shandong sandstone can basically be cut into more than 1.2m large boards, some of them even used for making deck panels, and many of Shandong sandstone can be made of 1 cm thin plate. Because of its hardness enough, almost all surface processing can be done. The color of Shandong sandstone is relatively small, mainly red, yellow, green, purple, brown and white. However, the Shandong sandstone is basically a pattern, except for white sandstone and purple sand rock, in fact, the two kinds of sandstone are not all pure color, white sandstone has dark lines, and purple sand rocks have white spots.


    White sandstone - sandstones are decorated in the decoration of elegant, warm, and not lose the noble atmosphere of a warm color decoration style, according to the characteristics of this kind of stone, often used in indoor and outdoor wall decoration, furniture, carving art, garden construction materials.

    High quality sandstone is very compact, and its hardness is even higher than granite. On durability, sandstone can be comparable with marble and granite. Many one hundred or two hundred years ago with a sandstone building style is still beautiful, still. The sand and stone particles are uniform, the texture is fine and the structure is loose, so the water absorption rate is high (in the high cost of protection). It has the characteristics of sound insulation, moisture absorption, resistance to breakage, weathering resistance, fading, non solubility in water, no radioactive and so on.

    White sandstone is a kind of high quality natural stone without light pollution and no radiation. It has no radioactive damage to human body. It is moisture-proof, skid proof, sound absorption, light absorption, tasteless, no radiation, no fading, warm winter and cool in summer, warm and elegant. Compared with wood, it does not crack, deform, rotten and fade. Simple installation, as long as the use of Rob can be used to fix the carving on the wall, can be connected with the wood decoration, the space of the background is more perfect, overcoming the traditional installation of stone and reducing the cost of installation. A decorated house can directly install carvings on walls without adding other processes and paint.

    Of white sandstone
    Density: >2.68g/cm3
    Flexural strength >15Mpa
    Size Customized
    Thickness Customzied
    Origin China Shandong
    Lead time Within 2 weeks after deposit for 1*20'FCL
    Application As customer purpose

    White sandstone block and quarry

    White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure

    Other white sandstone usage:

    There are white sandstone round carvings, embossed frescoes, carved flower plates, artistic flowerpots, sculptural fountain, style fireplace, Rome column, door and window sleeve, lines, frame, lamp, beam, beam, home ornament, environment sculpture, architectural details, garden sculptures, campus sculptures, abstract sculptures, celebrity sculptures, European components, white sandstone boards, hollow columns, hollowed out columns, hollowed out floral boards, hollowed out floral boards, model rockery, scenery View sculpture (decorative sculpture, waterscape sculpture) and so on. All of them can be coloured, painted, polished and shading according to the requirements, and can be treated by technology to make the surface of the work rough, delicate, crack, natural crevice and so on. The main production colors are yellow white sandstone, white sandstone, red and white sandstone. It is made by hand, wearable, durable and beautiful. It is entirely inorganic material synthetic, belongs to green environmental protection.

    Different shapes

    White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure

    In In project

    Regular white sandstone packing:

    numbers of block / crate

    13-15 crates / 1*20'FCL Ordinary loading 22 tons

    White Smooth Sandstone Wall Tiles , Sandstone Cladding Panels Stable Structure

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